A move can be quite difficult… I mean, words cannot really even describe just how dynamic an experience like a big move can be. Not only are you looking for your new job, apartment, etc., but you have to evaluate the importance of every single item you own, sell what you can, and painfully give away the rest… You must garage sale, pack, and clean your soon to be old shell of a home that held you and gave you security in the years before. Saying goodbye to friends, family, clients, and my community that I loved so dearly was incredibly difficult for me.

My husband lived in Chicago for 2 months while I wrapped up the business at home. That two months was both the greatest and most difficult thing I have ever done. It was wonderful getting a little space, building polarity, and having time to spend with my best girlfriend before the big expedition; yet at the same time that was a lot of work to have on one’s shoulders solely. My best gal Kim was there for me through it all. She saw the good, the bad, and the ugly. When I could only sit and throw my hands up and cry, she would laugh, crack me an ice cold Rainier beer, and press forward without a flinch.

I learned a lot about friends, acquaintances, and how to know the difference.

Robbie - Riding A Bike

Riding my 2003 Harley Heritage Softail Classic cross country was a blast! This woman was born to ride! Feeling the wind on my face, the vibration in my seat, and the boundless open road before me, I felt freer than ever before…

Arriving in the city was a culture shock. This country girl could not get used to the constant hum of the city. There was no peace to be found. Isolated and alone, I found myself feeling hopeless and afraid of the decision we had made.  Once all the boxes were broken down and each thing in it’s place… what was I to do? Truth is I had plenty to do and I knew it. So what on earth was keeping me from getting started? I had dreamt of having the time and space to work on me, to read, and dance, and learn the guitar. But there I sat, wine in hand.

After traveling to Florida for my GAPS (Gut & Psychology Syndrome) certification, I felt resurrected. My new found purpose was pumping through my veins and I had the fearless tenacity to START! I immediately decided to start working towards a GAPS retreat in Costa Rica at my amazing friends eco retreat center Finca Mia. It was amazing how fast all the pieces fell together… From here I started Chicago’s first GAPS Meetup group! Can you believe there was not a GAPS meetup group already in place in a city of over 2.7 million people? The universe was setting me up for success in ways I had never imagined!

I have now begun playing with my camera taking artsy pictures of the fun ferments I have made and making youtube videos for fun. I am finally doing all the things I had ached to do but never had the time to start like this blog! Next week I get my first one-on-one private lesson on how to use my new camera… I bought it with my garage sale money before the big move. I had always desired to be able to capture moments in time with the gritty romance of it all. I am working out, eating well, and next I think I might take a dance class… and soon thereafter I am going to tackle this guitar.

I cannot describe how good it feels to know that you are able to give your gift to the world while also pursuing your heart’s calling. We all find ourselves wondering what the hell sometimes. It can be hard to drag yourself out of that smelly pile of procrastination… But the sooner you find your inspiration, the sooner you can bat those flies out of your face and finally do that thing you have been dying to do! Sometimes we just need a little inspiration. What is your inspiration? Who is your muse? START there…