Lately with all this change, a bunch of negative little voices have moved into my head. They are rude, crude, nagging, insulting, and self limiting.  They start early and stay at it late… They say things like “who do you think you are, you can’t do that” and “why should you even try doing that, surely someone else could do it much better.” I realized that over the years I have continuously sought out additional training and education, because I was just not enough. Not smart enough, not experienced enough, not enough x,y,z. Maybe you can relate?

Truth is there are millions of people out there that know way more than you or I. There are plenty of those millions who have more experience than me that’s for sure. But, I can tell you what I have; I have the burning desire and passion to share my gift and to help as many people as will listen.

I have passion,  personality, humor, history and an open mind… These things are invaluable. They can not be learned by reading a book. The ability to have true interest and empathy for others can not be taught. The desire to heal the world and the beautiful souls in it is something I believe you must be born with. And I have that! I AM ENOUGH!

Today this meme came across my Facebook feed. It spoke to me and I wanted to share it with you.

“Fate whispers to the warrior, “You cannot withstand the storm” and the warrior whispers back “I am the storm”.”

I hope that you realize that you too are the storm! You are enough! We have wonderful gifts to give to the world, and it does not require a Ph.D or a master’s degree.

Today I push forward knowing I am the storm. I am going to bring it! And I mean BRING IT! Like, El Nino hasnt seen Sh*t! If I am able to even help one person wouldn’t that be enough? I am in this for the service not for the fame… I do it because I love it!

People who do it for the love have true passion. They are inspired and they inspire. Their fire is burning and they cannot help but shine that light on those around them. They are innovators and dreamers.

So when those negative little voices come back trying to snuff my light, I am going to say “what are you afraid of, we are doing this for the love?” We don’t have to do it perfectly, we don’t have to be the best, we don’t have to make millions to be a success… We are simply sharing our passion and giving our gift to the world. It takes a true warrior to share their dark places, experiences, and put their ego aside to serve.

What will you tell your voices?